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Our research is focused on to explore the new catalytic functions of nature’s catalysts called “enzymes” and their applications to promote Green and sustainable Chemistry.  This includes development of biocatalytic methods for organic transformation, designing and execution of chemoenzymatic routes for complex natural products and their use in chemical syntheses, investigations of their role in biosynthetic pathways, development of biochemical assays. The field of biocatalysis has a huge potential in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and we certainly believe that possibilities to explore new enzyme and their catalytic functions are infinite. We encourage people from chemical sciences and biotechnology to join our team to learn techniques across disciplines.

Group News

Important Announcement

April 22: Tanaya's work on Nodulones is accepted for publication in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry

March 22: Amit successfully defended is Ph.D. thesis.

March 22: Nirmal joined Georgia Tech Institute, USA for a postdoc.

Feb 22: Jhilik Mondal joined the group.

Jan 22: Anshul's work on deoxyanhtraquinoens is accepted for publication in New Journal of Chemistry

Dec 21: Nirmal successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis.

Dec 21: Anshul's work on rhein and diacerien synthesis is accepted for publication in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry

New: Project JRF position is available. Last date for receiving application is January 31, 2023. For more details click here.


Several PhD positions are available for immediate joining. Students  with CSIR/UGC/DST INSPIRE Junior research fellowship with a background in Chemical Sciences  can write to Dr Syed Masood Husain and may visit lab for further information

Researchers with fresh Ph.D. who are interested in doing post doc in the area of biocatalysis and green chemistry can write to me  at


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