Our research is focused on to explore the new catalytic functions of nature’s catalysts called “enzymes” and their applications.  This includes investigations of their role in biosynthetic pathways, development of biochemical assays, designing and execution of chemoenzymatic routes for complex natural products and their use in chemical syntheses. The field of biocatalysis has a huge potential in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and we certainly believe that possibilities to explore new enzyme and their catalytic functions are infinite. We encourage people from chemical sciences and biotechnology to join our team to learn techniques across disciplines.

Join Our Team

PhD positions with CSIR/UGC/DBT/ICMR/DST INSPIRE Junior research fellowship with a background in Chemical Sciences or Biotechnology are available in the group. 

PhDs who want to apply for postdoc funding under schemes like NPDF or CSIR RA or any other fellowship are welcome.

Recent Publications

Eur JOC, 2020 (VIP)

Chemical Communications, 2020

Organic Letters, 2020

Eur JOC, 2020 (VIP)


Lab News

  • Congratulations to Amit and Nirmal for receiving the award letter for CSIR SRF Direct (Oct 2020)

  • Congratulations to Amit and Arijit for their publication in Organic Letters  (Oct 2020)

  • Congratulations to Amit, Shailesh and Nirmal for their publication in Eur JOC  (Feb 2020)

  • Congratulations to Amit, Shailesh and Tanaya for their publication in ChemComm  (Feb 2020)

  • Congratulations to Amit and Nirmal for Qualifying CSIR SRF Direct  (December 2019)

  • Congratulations to Shailesh, Amit and Nirmal for their publication in Green Chemistry  (Nov 2019)

  • Congratulations to Amit, Nirmal and Shailesh for their publication in Org. Bio. Chem. (Sept 2019)



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